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Dunk Tank Rental in Orlando, FL
Rent a dunk tank in Orlando, FL. Orlando Amusements offers dunking booths at a very affordable price. Our dunk tanks are delivered and setup by professional staff. Don't miss the chance to dunk your boss, teacher, or friend into 500 gallons of water! Call today to rent a dunk tank at 407-970-0253.
Others price: $279.00 save 7%
Our price: $259.99
Giant Tic Tac Toe and Connect Four

New, 2 in 1 Game that features a Giant Tic Tac Toe on one side and Connect Four on the other side. It's a very creative, and interactive inflatable game that's appropriate for all ages. This will be a major attraction at all types of events.
Others price: $199.00 save 15%
Our price: $169.99
40' Inflatable 7 Element Obstable Course
Our 40’ Obstacle Course is one of the best 7 element designs in the industry today. Featuring jump through openings, pop ups, log jams, squeeze walls, crawl tubes, rock wall and slide, our 40’ Obstacle Course is great for any backyard event, company picnic and corporate event. As a member of our Vertical Rush family, our 40’ Obstacle Course can also be connected to our Rock Climb Slide for the ultimate in flexibility.
Others price: $349.00 save 14%
Our price: $299.99
70' Extreme Obstacle Course w/Rock Climb & Slide

The New Extreme 70 Feet Long Obstacle Course is the newest addition to our stellar lineup of jaw-dropping event games.  The beautiful primary colors makes this giant obstacle course suitable for kids, teens, and adults.  It's capable of handling the weight and capacity of mulitiple players at once.  Orlando Amusements will deliver and setup this amazing attraction for your upcoming event!

Others price: $549.00 save 5%
Our price: $519.99
Gladiator Pedestal Joust
Inflatable Game Gladiator Joust Also Called Pedestal Joust comes complete with headgear and a pair of jousting poles, making the Pedestal Joust inflatable game ready to start up a jousting tournament in minutes! This inflatable jousting game is a great addition to any Church Event, School Event, Family Reunion Event, Backyard Party Rental or outdoor event! Our exclusive line of Bounce House games are made safe and secure with lite n strong™, fire-resistant vinyl making it safer.
Others price: $295.00 save 16%
Our price: $249.00
40' Extreme 7 Element Rainbow Obstacle Course

The 7 Element Extreme Obstacle Course is a very colorful and amusing inflatable structure.  The beauty of this 40 feet inflatable obstacle course makes it the perfect device to attract people from a distance.  It has a slide inside with pop-up obstacles, and tunnels.  This Obstacle is one of our best choices for carnivals and festivals.

Others price: $349.00 save 14%
Our price: $299.99
Inflatable Batter Up Baseball Game
Get ready to leave the minor leagues and play in the major leagues with our Batter Up baseball game. Step up the batter’s box and get ready to batter up! This commercial grade inflatable game is extra durable for the hard hits and will stay standing even after several homeruns. The outfield designed backwall has several holes with designated point values so you can aim, hit, and score. Whether you are a leftie or a righty, the Batter Up baseball game is designed to accommodate everyone so you can have your chance to make the winning score. This inflatable baseball game is like no other, it’s safe due to the backwall so it ensures nobody gets hit or injured unlike other baseball games. Great for baseball themed parties, festivals, carnivals, gym openings in the Orlando area, company picnics, family reunions, or just for a good time.
Others price: $219.99 save 14%
Our price: $189.99
Wrecking Ball
Wrecking Ball is a 4 player interactive game that's guaranteed to be a major crowd attraction at any event. School carnival, church festivals, company picnics, and others are occasions where the wrecking ball would stand out. The object of the game is to disallow your 3 opponents to knock you off your pedestal with the big giant ball. You'd better check yourself before you wreck yourself with this awesome and innovation game.
Others price: $389.00 save 10%
Our price: $349.99
40' Adventure Obstacle Challenge
The Adventure Obstacle Course is an adventurous and very challenging attraction that takes participants through obstacles and tunnels to reach the end. The dual lanes of this giant obstacle course will allow 2 teams to get in line and race. The obstacle course includes pop-ups, a slide, inflated obstacles, and a tunnel at the end. Increase the excitement and comradery of your event with the rental of this amazing obstacle course.
Others price: $339.00 save 12%
Our price: $299.99
Mega 70' Obstacle Course With Rock Climb And Slide
This humongous 70ft mega obstacle course is our newest attraction to our most amazing line of inflatable interactive game rentals in Orlando, FL.  Our 70’ Obstacle Course is one of the best 7 element designs in the industry today. Featuring jump through openings, pop ups, log jams, squeeze walls, crawl tubes, rock wall and 18ft high double lane slide, our 70’ Obstacle Course is great for any backyard event, company picnic and corporate events, fall festivals, school functions. 70’ mega Obstacle Course is One of the best in the industry today is suitable for kids, teens, and adults.
Others price: $549.00 save 9%
Our price: $499.99
Giant Inflatable Twister

Bend, Twist, Stretch! This clever new twist on an old classic game is perfect for any occasion and fun for all ages. Up to ten players can participate in this ultimate test of dexterity and balance making this game a great way to keep everyone enthralled in the action. The exquisitely manufactured game show style wheel is constructed form a high grade Medium density fiber board wood, with stainless steel pins.
Others price: $199.00 save 5%
Our price: $189.99
Inflatable Shooting Stars Basketball Game 17' Tall
If you want to feel like an NBA pro like Steph Curry, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, or the great Michael Jordan then shoot for the stars and practice your free throws and foul shots with our Shooting Stars inflatable basketball game. This fun fast paced game lets you play one other person for some friendly competition. The attractive basketball hoops design will be a crowd pleaser and will bring everyone together. Whoever gets rid of all their basketballs first is the winner and will become the MVP for the day. A perfect interactive inflatable game for kids, teens, and adults alike. A wonderful addition to a basketball themed birthday party, sports camp, school festival, church fair, fundraisers, business openings in the Orlando area, or for a family get together. Your guests will feel like an NBA star as they shoot and make two-pointers at your next party or event making everyone a winner.
Our price: $284.99
30' Dual Lane Rock Climb Slide
Our Rock Climb Slide can be used as a stand alone unit or it can be connected to our 40' Obstacle Course to create a 70' Mega Obstacle Course. Great for birthday parties, school events, fall festivals, church fairs and company picnics!
Others price: $299.00 save 13%
Our price: $259.99
Inflatable Soccer Fever Game Rental
Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world and why wouldn’t it be? The thrill, competitiveness, and fun has made soccer one of the most sought out sport to play and watch. Our inflatable Soccer Fever game will make any soccer mom proud as they watch their child or loved one kick the soccer balls into the openings to get points. The two players will have some friendly competition as they see who can kick all the soccer balls the fastest. The backwall is artfully designed with soccer players on a soccer field for a realistic feel. A perfect addition for a sports themed birthday party, soccer team party, carnival, school festival, fundraiser, church fair, or family reunion. Great for all ages making this inflatable soccer game fun for the whole family! If your goal is to bring excitement and fun at your next event then the Soccer Fever inflatable game will definitely be a score for everyone!
Others price: $239.99 save 21%
Our price: $189.99
First Down Inflatable Football Game
Our First Down inflatable interactive football game is every football lover's dream come true. Two players can show-off their throwing skills by throwing their footballs to the back wall of wide receivers until all the footballs are gone. See who can make the winning throw or the fumble, either way everyone will have fun with this interactive football throwing game. The amazing design, colors, and quality of this commercial grade inflatable will create a competitive, but friendly spirit for party goers. A must-have for a football or sports themed birthday party, Super Bowl party, tailgating party, football night, your child’s football team party, local fair, festival, fundraiser, or local business opening. The eye-catching football game will be a crowd’s favorite and will bring in hours of fun. Everyone participating will feel like a real quarterback on the field and the crowd watching are his fans. Get ready to say, “hut hut” before you throw the pigskin into the receivers and show everyone what you are made of.
Others price: $239.99 save 21%
Our price: $189.99
Mini Allstars Basketball Game
The Mini All Stars inflatable basketball game from is the perfect addition to any indoor or outdoor event. Players will be lining up to take their shot at the dual hoops, which allow for plenty of action, This inflatable basketball game is designed on both sides to look like the profile of a high-top basketball shoe. With a total height of just under 8 feet
Others price: $139.00 save 14%
Our price: $119.99