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Frequently Asked Quesitons

Q: What happens after I reserve an inflatable online?
A: After completing the checkout process and paying for the inflatable, you will receive an automatic email confirmation from our reservation system. Please review the email and make sure everything is correct. We will call you within 2 business days to review your reservation and go over other details with you. If you have any questions, you can ask us at that time.
Q: How long is the inflatable rental?
A: Inflatables are rented for a up to 6 hours. Your rental may be shorter if your event does not last 6 hours. Sorry, there is no discount for short events that may only last a few hours. We can only rent inflatables once a day and the amount of our work is the same regardless if the event is 2 hours or 6 hours.
Q: Can the inflatable be left overnight?
A: During a regular 6 hour rental event the inflatable cannot be left overnight. Requests for overnight rentals are decided on a case by case basis and may incur an additional charge.
Q: When will the inflatable be delivered and picked up?
A: The inflatable will be delivered and picked up at your selected times. The latest we can pickup inflatables is 9 pm. For the safety of our employees, we do not want them rolling up 500 pound inflatables at night.  If our delivery schedule requires the inflatable to be left later than 9 pm we will let you know. Orlando Amusements will call the day before your event to once again confirm your exact delivery and pickup times.
Q: My event is in the afternoon, can I have the inflatable delivered early in the morning?
A: Sometimes deliveries are made in the morning, even if your event is not until the afternoon. Deliveries are often dictated by the route of the delivery truck and the location and time of other events. We will make every attempt to accommodate your delivery time but can only guarantee to delivery at the time you selected when reserving online.
Q: Can adults play in the inflatable?
A: Adults should not actively play in the inflatables with children. Adults can sit in the inflatables with their children but should not actively jump with them. The weight difference can easily bounce the child around uncontrollably causing an accident and injuring the child. The weight limit for inflatables is 200 lbs. Adults can use obstacle course and slide if they are not interacting with children.
Q: How many children can get in the inflatable?
A: The number of children allowed on or in each inflatable is listed on the front of the unit alongside the rules. Most basic inflatables can have 10 children, units with slides are limited to 6 children and most slides can only have 2 children on them at a time. The first goal is safety and you should never allow more children in an inflatable than allowed. You will need to reduce the maximum number allowed if all riders are larger children such as teenagers.
Q: What happens if it rains?
A: You cannot use the inflatable while raining. Please unplug the unit and place the electrical motor under cover. When it stops raining you can inflate the unit again. Even if you will not use the inflatable after the rain, please inflate the unit to help dry it off before it is picked up.
Q: If it rains do I get my money back?
A: No. Once an inflatable is delivered, per the contract, you have to pay the full price. Per the contract, we reserve the right to cancel delivery if it is raining during setup or severe weather is imminent. We will of course make every effort to deliver the inflatable and accommodate your requests if it rains on or before your event.
Q: What happens if someone gets hurt?
A: It is extremely rare for an individual to get hurt while using an inflatable. In our experience, the only people who get injured are children not following the rules or adults "goofing off" in the inflatables. If the rules are strictly enforced the children will have a safe and fun time. If an accident does occur, of course you should attend to the injured person immediately and take appropriate action. Please contact Rent A Jumpy immediately if the accident requires an ambulance or hospitalization. The lessee is legally responsible for injured individuals and must sign a waiver releasing Orlando Amusements from any liability.