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Ready for a wet n wild good time to beat the Florida heat? Orlando Amusements has the largest water slide rentals Orlando has ever seen! While they come in many different sizes ranging from 13' all the way up to 30' tall, we have something for every one. Big or small, we have them all! We even have a wide variety of options like single lane or dual lane as well as splash pools or catch pools. Don't forget the similar options like a slip n slide. A classic but yet fun version, the inflatable slip and slide rental will help you cool of those hot summer days while providing all of the fun you remember. For the little ones, a smaller water slide rental provides just the right thrills. If you want more from your water slide rental in Orlando, you could go for the 30' Blue Crush water slide, offering a 30-foot drop for your enjoyment. 

Nothing says fun like hitting a water park and enjoying the slides and pools. The only problem is that going to a water park can be really expensive, and you may spend all day waiting in lines for your favorite slide. Fortunately, we can bring the water park to you.You don’t have to go to a water park in Orlando, FL, to enjoy the water. A giant water slide rental Orlando is better than being at a park because you get to use it without waiting for strangers in front of you. Check out our large selection of water slide rentals Orlando has to offer and make your reservation today. 

Why Choose a Water Slide Rental 

• A commercial-grade water slide rental is perfect for the hot Florida heat! 
• Let the kids splish and splash in a water slide rental this summer! 
• A water slide rental will get so many positive reactions and positive reviews from both kids and parents! 
• Our courteous staff will deliver and set up your water slide rental at your location in time for your party and break down and remove after your event, so you have less to worry about!
• Don’t spend a lot of money on water park tickets just to wait in long lines when we can create your very own water park at your home with a water slide rental! 
• Water slides are perfect for summer birthdays, summer camps, school festivals, and company picnics. 
• Orlando Amusements is the premier provider of high-quality water slides with five-star reviews in Central Florida. 
• We carry the tallest water slides in Orlando, Florida, and surrounding cities and towns! 

Our Water Slides are listed in order from lowest to highest priced.  SIZE MATTERS!  The GIGANTIC water slides are priced higher because they're bigger, better, and faster!  Be sure to scroll all the way down to view our bigger water slides!


Blue Crush Combo - Bounce House w/Dual Lane Water Slide & Pool

The Blue Crush is a bounce house and water slide combo unit with double slides and a giant pool of water at the end. It's one of our newest inflatables and it's already a prime choice for Moms that's undecided about whether to rent a bounce house or water slide. This unit has both!

Others price: $299.00 save 16%
Our price: $249.99
Blue Crush Double Lane Water Slide w/Slip n Slide - 30 feet tall, 70 feet long w/Pool
The Blue Crush Double Lane Water Slide is one of the Largest Water Slides in Orlando FL. Standing at a jaw-dropping 30 feet tall and 70 feet long. The Blue Crush has a Blue Marble decor with double lanes that gives riders the effect of sliding down a waterfall on top of Mount Everest! This beast is suitable for kids, teens, and adults which makes it the best choice for large parties and events.

Others price: $749.99 save 7%
Our price: $699.99
Blue Crush Water Slide - 24 Feet Tall w/GIANT POOL!

The Blue Crush is a beautiful inflatable water slide!  The tall palm trees makes this attraction very appealing to the eyes of both kids and adults.  The marble blue and green decor is perfect for any party theme in Orlando, FL or nearby areas.  Book the Blue Crush Water Slide online in less than 5 minutes!
Others price: $439.99 save 14%
Our price: $379.99
Double Splash Water Slide with pools

The impressive Double Splash Slide is a dual wet or dry slide guaranteed to add tons of excitement and acceleration to any event. Great for promoting friendly competition or group challenges, kids can climb together and then choose a left- or right-sided slick slide, for a fast-track ride to the water pools at bottom with a safety stop. Hooded safety on top makes sure riders slide down properly.

Others price: $399.00 save 25%
Our price: $299.99
Lucky Combo Bounce House w/Dual Lane Water Slide & Pool

The Lucky Bounce & Slide Combo features a large bounce house with a dual lane slide and a big pool at the end. The crayola colors are suitable for girls and boys of ages 3-12 years old. It also features a basketball hoop on the inside. The bouncing area is 225 square feet and allows up to 8 patrons to bounce, play, and have a ball within a safe, enclosed area.

Others price: $299.00 save 13%
Our price: $259.99
Master Blaster Combo w/Double Lane Water Slide w/Pool

Book our New Master Blaster Bouncy Water Slide Combination Infatable for your upcoming party in Orlando, FL and surrounding areas. This colorful bounce house features dual water slides, and a large bouncing zone for twice the fun.

Others price: $279.00 save 10%
Our price: $249.99
PARADISE Water Slide - 24 Feet Tall w/GIANT POOL!

The Paradise Water Slide is the most unique inflatable attraction in Orlando, FL!  It's a whopping 24 feet tall and over 38 feet long!  The Paradise features a purple marble decor with brown and green palm trees.  This water slide will make your guest say, WOW!  It's simply the most beautiful inflatable water slide you'll ever see!  Book it here, exclusively at Orlando Amusements.

Others price: $469.99 save 19%
Our price: $379.99
Rocky Marble Water Slide - 24 Feet Tall w/GIANT POOL!
Awesome water slide rental for any type of event in Orlando, FL.  It's apex is an astonishing 24 feet tall, and it stretches 40 feet long. The Rocky Marble Water Slide is suitable for kids, teens, and adults.
Others price: $439.00 save 13%
Our price: $379.99
Tropical Emerald Rush Water Slide - 20 Feet Tall w/Giant Pool

This is our newly added Tropical Emerald Rush Water Slide! At 20 feet tall and over 35 feet long, this inflatable water slide is more than enough to entertain your party guest. The best feature of this water attraction is the giant pool that stretches 8 feet wide and 8 feet long. Book the Tropical Emerald Rush today in less than 5 minutes!

Others price: $349.99 save 14%
Our price: $299.99