Innovative Ideas for Bounce House Games

Bounce castle at party

A bounce house is the perfect venue for hours of fun. It’s a feature that every child dreams of having for a birthday party, Easter celebration, or just a fun weekend of bonding with the family.

Children old and young love bounce houses, because it’s so enjoyable to feel like you’re in a low-gravity environment. Hop around, lounge on the comfortable floor, or even play games, like the following. 

Here are the most fun party games to place in a bounce house, whether your children are playing with their friends or the whole family is hosting games together.

Musical “Chairs”

Bring a radio and plant it just outside the bounce house. Set the music on a timer or use your phone to control the music. Everyone in the bounce house has to jump along to the music. Then, pause the music. Everyone jumping has to stop and land on their feet. Freeze, and don’t move! Whoever falls or doesn’t land on their feet is out. They must leave the bounce house. Start the music again, and repeat until there’s only one person left standing. This is ideal for a larger bounce house rental that can fit plenty of players. 

Toddler in bounce house

Crack the Egg

The object of this game is to knock over the person sitting in the center of the bounce house. One person sits with their legs crossed and hands in their lap. They aren’t allowed to use their hands to grip the floor. Everyone else must jump around them without touching them, and try to knock them over. Everyone takes turns. The person who lasts the longest without “cracking” is the winner.

Switch Race

Assign a number to every child, and then stand in the middle of the bounce house. Send everyone to sit in a circle inside the bounce house around you. Call out two numbers at random. The two players whose numbers were called must switch places in the circle. It’s difficult in a bouncy house to stand up quickly and run across the circle. Enjoy the hilarity as people fall or can’t get up out of their seats.

The first person who gets to the opposite side is the winner, and the other person is out. The circle will shrink with every round until two players are left sitting opposite each other. On your signal, they have to switch places. The first person to take the other spot is the ultimate winner of the game.

These are just some of the fun games that you can play in a bounce house. Your children can enjoy these games with friends, or you can join them and play along with the whole family. Of course, make sure to pit adults against adults and children against other children, ideally ones in the same age group, too.

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